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"Notes from the Field" provides frequent updates and pictures from our biologists and students who are working in the field or at our headquarters, the World Center for Birds of Prey.

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Ranthambhore: Haunt of the Royal Bengal Tiger by Munir Virani

Munir Virani — in Asian Vulture Crisis

Winding down the narrow cobbled road across the gallery of forests with its stunning backdrop of golden-drenched cliffs, it seemed only like yesterday when I first did this same stretch. Spotted deer and peafowl stood along the side of the road oblivious to the speeding open jeeps that carried tourists eager to get even a glimpse of one of India’s enigmatic icons – the Royal Bengal Tiger. As we maneuvered our way through the towering main gate of the impressive fort that also leads to the entrance of the park, I couldn’t help but realize that I have been coming to this magnificent place for the last 14 years. I have bittersweet memories of driving up the same road towards the fort in April 2000 and pointing out dead and moribund Oriental White-backed Vultures.


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Kota Shatabdi Express - The Journey from Delhi to Kota

Munir Virani — in Asian Vulture Crisis

The Kota Shatabdi Express from New Delhi


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From Temples to Tigers: Monitoring Vultures in India

Yeray Seminario — in Asian Vulture Crisis


The Asian Vultures Crisis, as it came to be known, is one of the most compelling stories in wildlife conservation. Vultures in South Asia were dying off by the thousands and entire populations were plummeting. Finally, it was proven that a drug called Diclofenac, widely used to treat cattle and other livestock at the end of the last century, was inadvertently causing the death of these vultures. The Peregrine Fund solved the mystery and now the drug is banned in India, Nepal and Pakistan. To this day, The Peregrine Fund keeps monitoring the vulture populations in India.


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The Chambal River Sanctuary in Rajasthan India

Munir Virani — in Asian Vulture Crisis

Counting vultures on the Chambal River can be quite an ambivalent experience. We are on the boat from dawn to dusk with an opportunity to see some of the most fascinating wildlife in India. However, it is usually hot and one does end up with a sore behind at the end of the day. The Chambal is one of the only rivers in India that flows from south to north. I was accompanied by Dr Patrick Benson, who has been studying Cape Vultures in South Africa for nearly 30 years and Shiv Kapila, one of my students supported by The Peregrine Fund, who successfully completed a Masters degree at the University College of London. I have been very fortunate to have Pat regularly help me over the last seven years that we have been observing vultures in India. He has a wealth of knowledge and I have benefited tremendously from his vast experience.


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Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve Munir Virani in Koshi Camp, Nepal

Munir Virani — in Asian Vulture Crisis

Only those scientists working on the Asian Vulture Crisis project in south Asia know how many chickens have been "sacrificed" in order to save the vultures from extinction.  At this moment, I am in Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in lowland Nepal with local biologist Jeet Bahadur Giri (aka JB) and his assistants Badri and Chakra.  We are watching nest number five, one of only two Slender-billed Vulture nests built high up a Kapok tree.  Our lunch comprises of fried chicken (our dinner the previous night was chicken curry and this evening we have been promised a special Nepali chicken treat!!).  In the distance, a small herd of Indian Wild Buffalo glares at us nervously, while the enchanting cry of a Crested Serpent Eagle alerts us of impending perils in this magnificent riverine forest. 


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