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Harpy Eagle Festival 2012
José de Jesús Vargas González — in Harpy Eagle Conservation and Research    Share

National Bird of the Republic of Panama

In April 2002, the Government of the Republic of Panama formally declared the Harpy Eagle as the National Bird of Panama through the Law No. 18 of April 10, 2002. From this date, the majestic Harpy Eagle is formally considered a National Symbol for Panamanians. With the enacting of this law, April 10 became an especial ecological day. Therefore, the Fondo Peregrino-Panama, The Peregrine Fund and the National Environmental Authority of Panama promoted the celebration of the especial festival called: Festiarpia.

The first Festiarpia was carried out in 2005, and was promoted mainly by The Peregrine Fund. The Festiarpia has been a family and ecological festival where: 1) The Harpy Eagle is the center of attention, 2) There is an opportunity to disseminate knowledge about the species, and most importantly, 3) Promote its conservation. This activity involves governmental, and non-governmental, national and international organizations that work in Panama for the conservation and protection of the environmental. It is an unprecedented event where many people congregate around a conservation icon: the Harpy Eagle.

Today, the Festiarpia is promoted by the Patronatos Amigos del Águila Arpía, the Municipality of Panama and the National Environmental Authority. This celebration continues to be a festival with prime importance and ideals. This year, the Festiarpia will be held on Sunday April 15 at the Summit Zoo. It is expected to be a unique celebration where young and old can enjoy a family and ecological day.

Harpy Eagle Festival in 2011

The Peregrine Fund’s team of the Harpy Eagle Project will be present in this activity, illustrating to all the participants about the work that we do for the conservation of this species in the province of Darien. We look forward to your presence, so if you are in Panama City do not miss this event.

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