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Schedule an April or May Field Trip to the World Center for Birds of Prey!
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Do you remember the first time you came to visit the World Center for Birds of Prey? For many Idaho residents, it was during a school field trip. Every year, we get to teach thousands of students about birds of prey here at our facility—at no charge to students or teachers. Not only do the kids get to meet our many education birds in person; they also get to learn about the adaptations and habitats of these fascinating creatures during a hands-on, interactive tour.

The experience provided at our facility is absolutely priceless for Idaho students. To see the look on a child’s face when he or she sees a Peregrine Falcon or California Condor from a few feet away says it all. Not only will that child come away with a lifelong memory of a close encounter with a raptor, but he or she will also have gained knowledge that will help future generations make long-term contributions to our local community and environmental conservation. Since we constantly face new controversies related to conservation and the natural world, it is critical that we ensure the decision makers of tomorrow gain all the scientific knowledge necessary to make clear, unbiased decisions. Our education program provides educators the unique opportunity to place their students in an environment in which the information and experience leave a lasting impression that builds upon and enhances what they have learned in the classroom.

For many educators, the best part about a field trip to see the birds of prey is that we don’t charge admission for students and teachers! Additionally, we expand the impact of the program by giving each student a free family pass and encourage them to can bring their families up to visit us on another occasion. As a result, our program provides an opportunity for students to engage their parents in what they learn and in turn promotes a family learning experience at no cost to the families. We feel strongly that monetary constraints should not prevent underserved children and their families from the opportunity to experience a glimpse into the fascinating world of raptors.

We still have plenty of open spots for field trips for April and May 2012! Parents and teachers, please consider this opportunity for your children to learn about birds of prey up close and in person. We are able to tailor field trips to meet curriculum needs and we offer many personalized options.

Read more at Contact Jessica Cate, the education programs coordinator at (208)362-8259 or to schedule field trip or get more information!

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