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To the South
Corinne Kendall — in East Africa Project    Share

Another Ruppell’s vulture has moved far to the south, travelling out of Serengeti National Park and over next to Lake Manyara. Having travelled through the gorgeous Manyara Park, famous for its hippos, bird life, and tree-climbing lions, I have to wonder what the appeal is for a vulture. The area is hardly known for its dense wildlife and one would expect that the Mara and Serengeti where most of the wildebeest are still hanging out would be a better place for a scavenging bird. These long distant movements at a time when food distribution should be fairly apparent with highest concentrations in the Mara always bring to question the motivations of the bird. What drives such long distance movements? Competition continues to be the resonating answer in my mind, but only further research will tell. Take a look at the bird's latest location - see the red dot.

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