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Dollars for DAKA! Matching Funds
Interpretive Center Staff — in World Center for Birds of Prey    Share

During the month of August at The World Center for Birds of Prey, every dollar Daka, our crow collects will be matched by the good folks at Layne Laboratories. Layne Labs produces some of the food our birds of prey need to keep them healthy; rats and mice. This month, every time Daka flies into the audience to accept monetary donations, he is doing double duty, as Layne Labs has offered to match us dollar for dollar. We have 27 birds of prey who need quality food to keep them healthy. With our guests' help and matching funds from Layne Labs, we will hopefully make a sizeable "dent" in our feeding bills for our avian ambassadors. During Daka's presentations, give generously; and  MANY thanks to all those who have already given "dollars to Daka".

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