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Nasha returns
Corinne Kendall — in East Africa Project    Share

Just like the Ruppell's Vulture, the individual differences between the African white-backed Vultures is huge. Homer took an S-shaped flight—moving from Tsavo West National Park, briefly darting down into Serengeti and then up to Masai Mara once more. He probably traveled more than 300 miles just this week.

Quagmire, another tagged African white-backed Vulture, took a rather different journey though he did end up in almost the same location as Homer. Quagmire spent the last week darting around the Mara and up to Narok, making one quick 40-mile trip (probably in less than two hours of flying) south to Serengeti, where he is currently staying.

Homer takes a winding road 
Homer takes a winding road.
Quagmire takes a different route to the same place 
Quagmire takes a different route to the same place. 

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