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Home Sweet Home
Corinne Kendall — in East Africa Project    Share

After six months of work in the university, I have finally returned to my home in Masai Mara National Reserve, Ilkeliani. On the drive in I was taken aback by how much had changed. The roads have been largely repaired; the dust of the dry season has been replaced with the mud of wet season; everything seems brilliantly green.  The ride was mostly uneventful and I took the time to stop and have a proper meal of greasy noodles at my favorite restaurant in Narok. On the final leg of the journey I found my car dragging as I went through a mud puddle. It reversed out just fine, but when I went to lock the tires for the four-wheel drive I noticed that the entire metal cover that usually protects the engine from underneath had swung forward. Acting like a giant shovel it had scooped up a large clump of mud, which weighed it down even more and it sunk nearly to the ground. Through the ingenuity of my companion we were able to fasten it up with a stick and part of a plastic bag, but I wasn’t feeling to comfortable as we drove over several more rocks and bumps. Nonetheless I made it to Talek unscathed and all the car needed was a few bolts.

When I finally made it to the lodge, the highly decorated Masai, Wilson, greeted me with a cold towel and sweet cup of juice. We discussed the journey and the months that had passed. Walking into the lobby tent, I felt completely at home as the staff of Ilkeliani greeted me like family. A smile rose across my face as I slipped into my tent and unpacked. I was home, even this far from home, I was home.

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