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After the holidays
Corinne Kendall — in East Africa Project    Share

The holidays are a busy time for us all—a time of travel, feeding, and visiting family. Perhaps it is not so different for the vultures and wildebeest in Kenya. In fact the month of December appears to have been some of the busiest time for our birds, with vultures making huge movements across Kenya and in to Tanzania. The month of December marks the small rains and the vulture movement comes with a backdrop of great travel for the the wildebeest as well as the migration moves from dry season ranges in Masai Mara back to the wet season area in Serengeti.

The Ruppell's vultures have had some of the greatest movements during this last month and through the new year. Roger, one of our tagged Ruppell's travelled nearly 200 km (close to 300 miles) during the month of December. He ventured from the Chyulu Hills near the Kenya-Tanzania border (although distant from Mara-Serengeti) and then moved northwest through Nairobi, Hell's Gate, Lake Naivasha, and all the way up to Nakuru. Unlike many of the other birds, Roger didn't spend any extended periods in any of these areas, but seemed to sample the fare in each different location for only a few days at a time. One can only wonder where the new year will take him and what things Roger may have seen on his extended travels thus far.84 Roger December travels

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