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Harpy Eagle Breeding at the Neotropical Raptor Center (October 2001)
Angel Muela — in Harpy Eagle Conservation and Research    ShareOctober has been an important month for our project in Panama . We finally moved our Harpy Eagle breeding stock from the World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise to our Neotropical Raptor Center at the City of Knowledge just outside of Panama City. Most people of Panama consider the Harpy Eagle to be their National Bird, and the news of the Harpy Eagles’ arrival in Panama was received with enthusiasm and community support. A total of six eagles were transported to the Center where we now have a total of 11 Harpy Eagles.

Not all Harpy Eagles breed at the same time throughout the year, but our past experiences with these particular birds indicate that we could expect courtship behavior in the next few weeks. Each of the eagles’ chambers is equipped with a closed-circuit television system so that our biologists will be able to monitor the birds’ behavior without disturbing them. The camera system will also allow us to verify when eggs are laid and that the eagles are incubating them.
One of our six chambers was especially designed to accommodate “Olafa,” our most productive eagle, who has a wing injury and cannot fly. In that same chamber will be “Ancon” a male Harpy Eagle sent to Boise 10 years ago by the Panamanian Government. Ancon’s return fulfills our promise of his eventual return to Panama.
Two juveniles that hatched in Boise this year were also brought to the Neotropical Raptor Center. They will, most likely, be part of our educational program until they reach sexual maturity when they will become part of our breeding program.

The tropical weather is having a positive effect on the newly arrived birds, which are already showing a cleaner and healthier plumage.

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