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Children's Drawing Contest a Success!
Marta Curti — in Neotropical Environmental Education Program    ShareWe recently hosted a national children’s drawing contest throughout Panama. The theme was “The Harpy Eagle: National Bird of Panama and Symbol of Conservation.” Every student in Panama from grades K through 6th was eligible to participate. We received more than 25 entries from all over the country including Chiriquí, Coclé, Colón, Darién, Los Santos, Panama, and San Miguelito. The drawings were as varied as the children who submitted them. And if there ever was truth to the saying that “a picture is worth a thousand words” it was evident in the beautiful pictures we received. Filled with bright colors, creativity, imagination, and a wide range of themes depicted; from a Harpy Eagle shedding tears at the loss of its forest home, to children teaching others about the importance of this magnificent species, these pictures spoke volumes about the status of Harpy Eagles and conservation in general, as seen through the eyes of a child.

Though it was difficult, we had to choose 12 drawings that we felt best represented the theme of the contest, while still maintaining artistic skill and creativity. We were lucky to have a panel of judges to help. The judges came from different organizations including The Peregrine Fund, USAID, The Panama Canal Authority, The National Environmental Authority, Patronato-Friends of the Harpy Eagle, The Ministry of Education, and The National Institute of Culture. Winners received a certificate, art supplies, a book on conservation, and a Fondo Peregrino-Panama T-shirt. In addition, their drawings were used in a Fondo Peregrino-Panama 2004 Calendar being sold in Panama.

Anayansi Herrera - Escuela Barriada Victoriano Lorenzo
Anayansi Herrera - Escuela Barriada Victoriano Lorenzo
Erasmo Martínez - <br />Escuela Brisas del Chimucal
Erasmo Martínez -
Escuela Brisas del Chimucal

Felipe Gabriel Chen A. - Escuela El Japón
Felipe Gabriel Chen A. - Escuela El Japón

Gabrielle Alisha Archibold - Escuela San José La Salle
Gabrielle Alisha Archibold - Escuela San José La Salle
<<428|R|Erasmo A. Saavedra V.
Escuela CEBG Carlos M. Ballesteros>>

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