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March 2003
Angel Muela — in Harpy Eagle Conservation and Research    Share
March has been a month with some ups and downs. On March 6, two young Harpy Eagles were released in Soberania National Park. Unfortunately, lack of experience caused MC to be killed by a Jaguar the day after she was released. Even though some natural predation is to be expected (in the wild, a high percentage of animals die within their first year due to predation), our goal is to minimize those events as much as possible.

Francisco Barrios traveled to Belize to coordinate the construction of a hack box near Las Cuevas Research Station, which is managed by the Natural History Museum of London. Support from Las Cuevas, Belize Natural Resources Ministry, Trek Forces, and The Belize Zoo, was critical to complete the hack box in record time.

On March 20, Marta Curti and Angel Muela arrived in Belize with three Harpy Eagles. Two of them (female MX and male DX) were moved to the release site at Las Cuevas. A third individual, a male that cannot be released due to poor eyesight, was donated to The Belize Zoo and will play a key role in the Environmental Education Program that will be carried in Belize. Marta will stay there temporarily to train Corrie Folsom and Jerod Clabaugh, the volunteers that will monitor and take care of the eagles for the first few months.

Meanwhile, in Panama, volunteers Johana Cedeño, Humberto Fossatty, Felix Sandoval, and Elsie Ashworth continue monitoring the released eagles in Soberania National Park. All the birds return to the release area regularly to feed, although two of them (female MA and male DT) have moved considerably farther away.

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