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Nyambayar Batbayar — in Mongolia Project    ShareJuly 28, 2000

Day 45

Today Greg and I traveled to the Ponderosa National Park, which is located 110 miles north from Boise. After two hours driving to upstream Payette River we got to Ponderosa National Park. We see beautiful Payette Mountain, its Ponderosa Pine forest, lake and mountain river. The snowcap of the Payette Mountain makes this area so beautiful. We saw Bald Eagles and Ospreys in the wild. A pair of Bald Eagles was soaring above us. Some wood ducks, buffleheads, common golden eyes are swimming in the small lake of the pine forest. Also we are hearing somewhere wood frogs singing their songs. I took some photos of nature, national park signs, roads, buildings and posters to show my friends who work in the protected areas of Mongolia.

Day 49

Mike, Greg and I came in Pump Station, Snake River. I have sit down on the rock to observe Golden Eagle nestlings, in opposite side from the nest. The nest looks well. Female was brooding their nestlings. Male was flying on the rim of river canyon, and then he perched on the rim about 30 m distance from the nest. After about 40 minutes the female flew and perched on the rock in rim. Soon male come to her and they have copulated. After it female eagle pulled out a big stick from nearest bush and come into nest. We see 2-3 weeks old one chick in the nest. She is feeding them; this food was cottontail, which she or he hunted before. After two hours observation I moved downstream to the Prairie Falcon territory. Here I saw a female falcon with PTT (transmitter). I could not read the band. In the next Prairie Falcon territory I saw a pair of Prairie Falcon. They all have occupied their territory so well. When I go back, I saw two flying Turkey Vultures to down stream of river.

Day 57

Today we came to Fawn Draw for trapping a prairie falcon. After setting up net Kirk and me moved out. We found a big rock with a nice loophole for observation and sit behind of this rock. We were looking at net through this loophole. After couple of minutes, Kirk said suddenly; "Nyamba! Get up and move out, snake!" There a rattle snake was sleeping in bottom of the small rock which I were seating. Later we measured distance between snake and me. It was a span. When I were seating on the rock, Kirk was walking up and down near me. He could step on him. I can’t image how he did not step on this snake. We are both lucky. Snake got up because our noise and moved into cliff hole, to his home.

Day 75

Today Britt and me joined on American kestrel fieldwork. This day we checked couple of eggs and hatchlings in the kestrel boxes. Some of boxes were with eggs, few with hatchlings. Also starlings were already occupying some boxes. Some starlings have hatchlings. Britt says; "Hopefully, next week some of these kestrel eggs will hatch".

Day 84

It was the last fieldwork day for Greg and me. Today we worked in Beechem, Cattle guard, Cattle-guard Gate, Narrow and Coral Draw. We saw 24-26 days old 5 prairie falcon chicks in the nest at Beechem, which was used by a pair golden eagle before. Next territory we saw a flying male with radio transmitter on the back. His transmitter was well built-in back and bird was healthy too. In another territory two pair of falcons are soaring. Also there we saw 29-31 days old four chicks sitting in their nest and two of them were flapping the wings for flying exercise. They will fly soon. This day was warm and sunny. After took a photo for memory, we leaved Snake River canyon. Tomorrow Greg will drive to San Francisco. In the evening we met at Table rock café and had dinner and after dinner we all said Goodbye to Greg.

Day 89

This morning I went to the International Program Office at BSU for my English class. There I met my teachers Stephanie, Anita, Erich, two Jills and a volunteer Tarayoshi. Also I met new students Emiko (Japan) and Ki Son (South Korea). However, there were so few students, our class began well.

Day 93

Today Rick, Mark and me met in RRC at BSU. We talked about my application process to BSU.

Day 111

Today is day to return to Mongolia. Russell picked me up to airport. During these months he helped me a lot. I lived his house and he said to me many useful advises. I am appreciating for his help. Our plane leaved the Boise at 5:30 p.m.

Day 113

I would like to say my thanks and regards for people who helped me a lot and give me valuable advises. Dr.Mark Fuller, he coordinated my training at BSU. I excited his pleasant and hard-working personality. His great experience working with students helped me very much. I excited so much to Karen Steenhoff’s responsibility of work and research experience. She coordinated Prairie Falcon and American Kestrel fieldwork, which I worked. Mike Kochert, he knows long time history of each nest, which he has worked. He can to speak from memory about that when, how was occupied which nest by whom. I liked his this wonderful intellect and nice personality. Also I excited James McKinley’s experience working with birds of prey, Kirk Bates’s meticulous personality. I appreciate to The Peregrine Fund and the Raptor Research Center’s people for their support and gave nice possibility for me to this field study training.

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