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February - April 2002
Angel Muela — in Neotropical Raptor Conservation Program    Share
Harpy Eagle Chick
Harpy Eagle Chick
Just a few months after the Harpy Eagle breeding pairs were moved from the World Center for Birds of Prey in Boise to our Neotropical Raptor Center in Panama, we have achieved and exceeded with great enthusiasm the results we expected. At the end of January, two Harpy Eagle chicks, produced by Venezuelan female “GN,” and captive-bred male “Zih,” hatched without any problems. These chicks, a male and a female, are growing very well and are presently in a chamber right next to, and in full view of, an adult Harpy Eagle so that the youngsters can relate themselves naturally to their species.

Shortly after these chicks hatched, a second pair laid two more eggs that hatched at the beginning of April. That same pair “recycled” (laid a second clutch of eggs) after we removed the first two eggs for artificial incubation. The pair was still incubating these eggs at the time of this writing. A third pair of Harpy Eagles is expected to breed in the near future.

Harpy Eagle chick being fed.
Harpy Eagle chick being fed.
Having obtained far more success than anticipated, the entire team in Panama is extremely busy making sure that the well-being of these birds is ensured. Plans are already being laid for the future release of these birds back into the wild. In coordination with Government agencies like ANAM, ACP, and the Ecological Police, a release site, many miles away from roads and communities, is being arranged. Training of hack site attendants will also commence soon.

In an effort to engage the general public in our conservation efforts and to make people aware of the importance of the Harpy Eagle, we are sponsoring a contest, with the support of the Ministry of Education, for children in schools of Panama City to name the newly hatched eaglets. The response so far has been overwhelming!

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