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The Peregrine Fund Notes From The Field

"Notes from the Field" provides frequent updates and pictures from our biologists and students who are working in the field or at our headquarters, the World Center for Birds of Prey.

A Leopard Hunts an Impala in Kenya's Maasai Mara

Erin Katzner — in East Africa Project

The Peregrine Fund's Director of Africa Programs, Dr. Munir Virani, works in Kenya's Maasai Mara to conserve wildlife. Recently, he was there with Karim Jaan who was able to capture this incredibly rare footage of a leopard capturing an impala.


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Have Condor, Will Travel

Erin Katzner — in California Condor Restoration

The following blog post was written by, Angela Woodside, Condor Field Biologist


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A Successful Hatching in Punta Cana for Ridgway\'s Hawks

Erin Katzner — in West Indies Project

The Peregrine Fund has been working to recover the critically endangered Ridgway’s Hawk (with only 250-300 individuals remaining) in the Dominican Republic since 2000. Prior to our involvement, the hawk was found only in Los Haitises National Park. We’ve been working to expand the population to other areas in order to protect the species from potential natural disasters that could easily wipe out the population if located only in one unprotected area.


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Thinking about our friends in Nepal by Munir Virani

Munir Virani — in Asian Vulture Crisis

On a bright Saturday morning, I sat in my office slightly distracted by watching the resident Little Sparrowhawk from across my window. Larry, as I fondly call him, was chasing a Speckled Mousebird but was unsuccessful. I was trying to enter data in our database from our just completed Kenyan Raptor Road Survey when my phone beeped. My heart almost stopped when I saw the flashing screen read: “Scores injured in Massive Nepal Earthquake”. I could not believe it! I am supposed to be there in three weeks time to survey vultures in the Annapurna Conservation Area.


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Searching for an owl not recorded in Kenya for over 50 years

Darcy Ogada — in East Africa Project

I love to hike and I even enjoy the occasional bush-whack. So it was with some excitement that my student Paul Muriithi asked me to accompany him for five days on Mt Kenya to search for the Abyssinian Owl (A.K.A. the African Long-eared Owl). The last confirmed Kenyan record of this species was in 1961, though a pair can be observed in Bale Mountains, Ethiopia. But how do you begin searching for an owl whose life history reads like an exposé of an FBI undercover operation: ‘few data’, ‘little information’, ‘nothing known’. That is where Paul first started in 2012, accompanied only by his tenacity and the occasional rampaging buffalo. Three years on and three pairs of binoculars lost to buffaloes and bush-whacks later, the search for this elusive owl has nearly been concluded.


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